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Help on finding reviews

Finding your recent review

New and changed entries are indexed hourly, so your new review may not appear in the search for up to an hour after you enter it. The menu item Recent posts should have your recent post near the top. Just click on the link. Since you created it, you will then have the right to edit it by clicking the edit button next to the review's title.

The map

This is a Google map. It is much easier to use with a mouse with wheel. Use the mouse's left button to drag the map around. Zoom the map with the mouse-wheel. Simply click on a red markers flag to bring up a review, or hover over them to see the name of the place.

Finding by name or text in the review

For this, it should be enough to simply enter part of the name, or part of the text of the review or the address of the place into the search box at the top of the left-hand sidebar.

At the top of the results page, there are various options, which are described below.

Advanced search

If you just click the search button without entering any text, the site responds by giving you the results page. At the top of the page there are buttons for searching by location or by the pages' content. The Advanced search link (notice the little triangle, pointing sideways when closed, and downwards when open) reveals the advanced search dialogue. You can change between the advanced search dialogues by clicking on the Location or Content buttons at the top of the page.

Proximity Search

This finds you all the places within a distance that you specify, of a place that you specify.

The Proximity Search is under the Advanced Search by Location (see above). Firstly, you set the centre of your search. One way of using this is to use the map. This is a Google map which you can drag around with the left mouse button and zoom with your mouse wheel ( if your mouse has a wheel). Find the centre of your search area then double click on that spot. It takes some practice. If you have succeeded, a little red marker will appear. If it is not in the right place, just move to the right place and try again. Do not try to remove the incorrect marker.

Once you have the marker in place, you then move down to below the map and specify the distance, before clicking on the Advanced search button.