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Help on setting your account options

To change or check your account setttings, click the My Account link on the menu running down the left-hand side of the page.

The buttons along the top give the main options. Click them to see what they do. The Track button, shows a list of your contributions. The MyOpenID identities describes a way of logging in to this, and many other sites, without having to remember more than one password.

Here are some of the fields on the edit page and how they are used. On the whole, they are self-explanatory.


You can change this.

E-mail address

This is primarily used for account admin mail. If we need to notify you specifically of anything relating to the site, we will use this address. General notices will be issued in blog form rather than by e-mail. You can subscribe to the blog by clicking the little red buttons at the bottom of the blog pages and front page.


See the explanation at the bottom of the field.

Personal contact form

This is a way that you can let people contact you by e-mail without revealing your e-mail address to them.