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How to use this forum

To start a new discussion, create a new forum topic by clicking the "Post new forum topic" link on the previous page. When you post a new topic, use the "Subject" field to define scope of the discussion. Others can then expand the thread by posting replies. Those replies can make new points, but should be related to the particular discussion.

To start an unrelated discussion, create a new forum topic with its own heading. Topics could, for example, be individual programmes, aspects of the problem, campaigning ideas, or whatever else you think is a good idea.

It goes without saying that this forum is for discussions relating to the campaign against background music on television. If you would like me to create a new forum for another Pipedown related subject, just contact me by clicking on my name at the top of this post and clicking the "Contact" button.

If you are an advanced computer user, you will notice the little orange button for subscribing to the discussions in this forum. If you click the button, you will be notified of any new contributions to this forum via your browser or feed aggregator.