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Major improvements to the site

The intended purpose of the Quiet Corners site (that of being a handy guide to quiet places in your area) has not yet been fulfilled. In order that the hard work of Brian Kilbey and the other reviewers should bear fruit, we are going to labour to transform it.

At the moment, it does one thing reasonably well: it allows members to enter reviews and associate them with a location.

We are about to start a series of works to make the mapping and searching work properly.

It should be easy to tell the site where you want to look:

  • On mobile devices, a click of a button should tell the site to show a map of the area around you,
  • zooming and scrolling should work properly, with places being added on the fly as the scale changes,
  • the map should, by default, remember where you last looked,
  • it should open with a sensible scale, depending on the density of quiet places around you so, for central London, that may be a few hundred yards square but rather more for Wester Ross (or maybe, I am wrong),
  • You should be able to type in a postcode or place-name and the site should prompt you to resolve any ambiguous place-names, or possibly just open and allow you to try again.
  • You should be able to enter a review from a mobile device.

As a start, I have cleared up a bit of database corruption that was generated during a previous update. I have updated the site to the latest build of Drupal 6, so we are now in a position to do more major upgrades. I have started investigating whether it is better to upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8. The latter is still in its beta-testing phase but may be stable enough. I will then perform the upgrade to the newer version of Drupal and switch to a mobile-friendly theme. In the process, I will upgrade the Google maps interface.

Once we have reached that point, we can then consider what to do to meet the objectives I have just listed.

I am hoping that, once the site is better, there will be more incentive for members to add reviews.