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Piped music in shopping malls.

This can be more annoying than in individual shops.

I live in the West Midlands. The Merry Hill Shopping Centre at Brierley Hill is awfully noisy all the time. Then when you enter a shop it has its own musak, so there's a conflict of sound. It's impossible to sit down and have a coffee an a quiet conversation in one of the cafes which are positioned in the mall itself.

Even worse is the Rye Market shopping mall in Stourbridge. The piped music is awful and never changes, except around before Christmas, when there is some more seasonal fare. I go in there to two shops which never have piped music, Waitrose and W H Smith. I wrote to the management of the centre and they merely replied thanking me for my 'feedback', with no comment on the music. I suppose nobody else has raised the subject.