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The map marker on the map of reviews ends up in the wrong place
Strangely, this can happen even if the marker on the Google map link at the bottom of the review is roughly correct.

If this happens, send a quick explanation of the problem using the Contact us form. If you would rather try to deal with the problem yourself, the following is a description of how to effect a repair.

Go to Google Maps , find the correct spot. With your mouse over it, right click and select Center the map. Now click on Link on the blue border of the map at the top-right-hand corner. Copy the contents of the top field and send them to me along with the name of the review. I will enter the correct latitude and longitude (If you feel brave, you can find the co-ordinates yourself and enter them. Instead of e-mailing me the contents of the first field, paste it into a text editor or word processor. Now, find the last decimal latitude/longitude pair. If there is more than one, the first pair seems to be the point from which you started the search. Remember, there are only two real latitude longitude pairs. You can identify them by the fact that the latitude in Britain is roughly between 49 and 60 and the longitude, which immediately follows it, ranges from about -6 to something under 2. Find the two numbers and paste them into the Latitude and Longitude fields on the form. Save your review and check that the marker on the Map of reviews is correct. )