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Quiet Corners Help

These are the help pages for users of the Quiet Corners site.

Important: Setting up an account to use the site.

The only way of setting up an account is to ask Pipedown to do it. This is because, under the previous system, we were bombarded with junk account set-up requests. Contact us (you can use the link at the top of the page). Make sure you supply your name, and we will create the account and reply with your login name and password, both of which you can change whenever you want.

You can contribute to the site by suggesting improvements. There is a forum for doing so.

While you are getting the hang of using the site, it may be an idea to print some of the pages and have them handy. We are working to make the site more user-friendly but, in the meantime, there is every reason to start contributing to and using the site. This help will be expanded on the basis of users' suggestions.

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