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If you are a member and not yet registered on this site, please contact Pipedown, either via e-mail or by using the Contact us page. We will then create a login for you.

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Useful links

  • Add a review — This link will take you via the log-in screen if necessary.  Alternatively, just log-in manually. The URL is In the top margin there is a + New menu item. Select review under it.
  • Edit a review. When you are logged in, your own reviews will have a small grey Edit link in the left-hand margin. You can only edit your own reviews.
  • Log-in — Use this link to log-in. This gives you the Edit link at the bottom of your reviews. I would be pleased to hear from members whether they think that we should all be able to edit or update each other’s reviews.
  • Log-out — Use this link if you want to. Only really needed if you are sharing your computer and with somebody else. Alternatively, click on the little person icon in the top right hand corner and select the option.

Posting a review


  1. The format is much the same as in the old site. The main difference is that we no longer have a separate field for the factual information. Instead, there is a range of fields for such information at the bottom of the page. For existing reviews, I have transferred the factual data to the bottom of the review and put it in bold type. I will fully convert it in the near future.
  2. Rather than adding the web address and phone numbers for the place being reviewed in the body of the text, please enter it in the specific field under Additional information. It is then put under the address information on the displayed entry. It is automatically rendered as a hyperlink.
  3. Any hyperlinks in your reviews must be added by clicking the little chain button in the toolbar. Generally, click the chain then click the little gearwheel that will appear. You can then enter both the text for the link as the link and the web address of the target page. If the destination is a page outside the Quiet Corners site, please tick the “open link in a new tab” checkbox. That way the user does not lose their context in Quiet Corners. Note that there is also a facility to link to another page in the site. You simply pick the page from the list on the same dialogue.
  4. The address format includes some fields that are compulsory including Town or Place. Unless Town or Place is included, the system will not perform a location lookup with Google.
  5. Very important: Before saving your review, click the Preview Location button on the right. That looks up the latitude and longitude of the address. If the pin is misplaced, you can drag it to where it should be. The system will then record the latitude and longitude of the pin.  If you end up in the middle of the Atlantic, check your address. If it still does not work, I suggest you save the review and send me a message. So far, I have, with a bit of research, fixed fifty odd locations that were incorrect on the old site. I will let you know how I fixed the problem.

Please follow these guidelines. If you have any trouble or you think these guidelines are wrong, just send me a message using the contact form and I will try to get back to you with an explanation as quickly as I can.

I know that this is a very brief overview. Please let me know how I can improve it. Meanwhile, I will turn to filling the known lacunae.

  • Reviewers user-name is missing from the bottom of the review pages.
  • Currently, place-type filtering is missing. That is because it takes up too much space on mobile screens. I aim to program a change so that the checkboxes can be made to appear and disappear. Make sure you tick all the relevant boxes when creating a review. Meanwhile I am going to update the values on the existing reviews.
  • The place-types should also appear on the bottom of the review pages but they do not yet.
  • Login and log-out are a bit clunky. I will code replacements. All the WordPress plugins I have tried are poor.
  • There are more items for this list. I will add them as I remember them.

How To

Change your display name

In the old site, the reviews had the reviewer’s name and the date of the posting at the bottom. I am planning to bring that back. The reviewers’ names are alterable in your profile page (the one you see when you first log-in). Its address is To change your display name, change your “Nickname”, then use the picker on the following line to select it as your display name. If you have any problems, just use the contact form and I can do it for you.

Edit a review

If you are not logged in, use the link above to do so using the link above or the address or typing into your browser search bar. All your reviews will then have an edit link at the bottom. Please follow the advice in the Guidelines section below.

You can use the little toolbar at the top of the edit panel to edit in Visual Mode or Text Mode. If you know a little HTML, you can sort out problems using text mode. If you get stuck, send me  a message! You can add hyperlinks to other sites or pages by using the chain button.

Add a review

In the top margin of the page, there is a menu item: + New. advice in the Guidelines section below.


  1. A very useful tip for Android is to save an icon on your phone’s home screen. Just search for, then, once the site loads, tap on the vertical dots at the top-right of your browser, then select Add to Home Screen. You should then see the loudspeaker icon in the first free spot on your home screens.
  2. For those who are not very tech-savvy, once you have performed a search, you can maximise the resulting Google map by tapping on the little white box near the top right. That makes it much easier to use the map on a mobile.
  3. If you have any questions, just send me a message.

Navigating & Searching

  1. The big bad loudspeaker at the top of every page is the Home button! To find a review by name, use the Search box. The main function of the site is to search for places by location. At the moment, you have to enter your position. When I have the time, I will fix it so that you can use your current location. My problem, I think, is ignorance.
  2. On a computer (not on a phone), when you click on a review on the map, it opens a new tab. This is to maintain your context in the original map. To get back to the search page, just close the review page. You should know how to do this: on a Mac, it’s Cmd-W, in Windows it’s Ctrl-W, and, if you use Linux, you will know how.
  3. On Android, to close a review, just use the back button (bottom-left on Samsung, bottom-right on most other phones). I will check how it is done on iPhones once I have talked to a rich friend.
  4. Nf you are in the process of adding or editing a review, you will have to choose whether to publish, save or discard your work before you get to see the big loudspeaker.

Logging In

  1. If you want to log-in to post a review, just use the Add a Review shortcut at the top of this page. You will be taken to the login screen if you are not already logged in. I have configured the site so that it usually assumes that you are who you were last time you visited the site. If you are using a public computer, it is likely to be in kiosk mode, and will forget everything when you log out of Windows (I have never come across public computers that use anything other than Windows).
  2. The login and log-out links are also at the top of this page. If you use the log-in link, you land in the  Dashboard. There, if you have nothing better to do, you can fiddle with a few personal settings. If not, just click on on the little House, then Visit Site to enter the site. There is no obvious reason to log out, unless you are on a public computer. The system will usually remember that you are logged in.

Conversion to the new site.


  • Searching for reviews by place is simple. Although you can now use the Site Search option to find anything by name, that is not the purpose of the site.
  • The site is now usable on mobile phones.
  • The new site will act as a platform for future mobile phone apps (if there is demand).
  • Software upgrades are much easier to apply to the new site.
  • By default, the home page conducts an initial search centred on your location as long as you allow your browser to access it for


I have converted the existing site from Drupal to WordPress. You will see changes over the next few weeks. Some things are still missing, but I think that the improvements are worth having now.

For details, see the To Do page.


Please make any suggestions and report any problems by sending me a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you have any suggestions that might interest Nigel, you can either contact him in the usual way, or I can forward them to him.

Data Protection

See the Privacy Policy page.


I will update this page as soon as I make any changes to the site.