Giggling Squid

A delightful surprise in Salisbury

I was delighted yesterday to find the Giggling Squid, in Salisbury – which not only had a particularly delicious & varied tapas menu (yes – Thai tapas, a marvelous innovation) – but an equally delicious atmosphere of quiet & civility, though there may have been some occasional very low, soft music. Tapas sets of 4 dishes are £9.99, though we couldn’t resist making our own selection, which was slightly more dear.
When I checked the website for details, I found that a previous customer had complained that the restaurant was loud. I was so concerned that I telephoned to check and the pleasant young woman I spoke to assured me that any too-loud music would be lowered on request. The service was so gracious that I believe her. The Giggling Squid is at 32 Market Place, DSP1 1TL, just off market square, Tel: 01722 341871.

Giggling Squid
32 Market Place
Salisbury DSP1 1TL
United Kingdom