Kings Place

Kings Place is the new rival to the Wigmore Hall for chamber music. Its accoustics are impeccable and it doesn’t even have the Wigmore Hall’s Jubilee Line rumble.

We did include La Rotunda, its restaurant, in our review but a member has written to say that it is not Musac free. This does not stop us recommending the open areas of this airy place, which have been muzac free on my half dozen visits. There is a reasonable amount of comfortable seating with a self-service café, as well as a canal-side terrace on which to stroll. Obviously, it gets more crowded when a concert is imminent.

The very informative web-site is at

N.B. We have been informed that La Rotunda, the restaurant in Kings Place is not Musac free.

Ten mintues’ walk from Kings Cross.

The café is open on Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 7.30pm,
Friday 7.30am to 9pm,
and Saturday 12pm to 7.30pm.

Kings Place
90 York Way
Kings Cross
London N1 9AG
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7520 1485‎