Le Bouchon du Marché, Versailles

Lyon is traditionally the gastronomic capital of France so a restaurant claiming to offer traditional Lyonaisse cusine has a lot to live up to. Le Bouchon du Marché does just that in an unostentatious but effective way.   Set in a square near the market in the heart of Versailles, about half a mile from the Château, it is a small, friendly restaurant offering  good traditional French food. There are tables outside in the street with the menu chalked up on blackboards.  Versailles itself, due to the flood of tourists from all corners of the globe, is infested with fast-food joints making Le Bouchon du Marché doubly welcome. Prices are reasonable for what is now an expensive city. Open every day except Sunday evening.  I noticed no music inside or out.

Telephone to reserve  [33] 0139561819 or see the website


Le Bouchon du Marché, Versailles
18 rue au Pain,
Halles de Versailles
78000 Versailles France