New Ground Cafe, Gardenstown

This is a pleasant and some unusual café in Gardenstown.
It provides a range of snacks and hot drinks.
Please note that the opening times are a bit limited – I have been on a couple of weekend days, when it was not open until 12.
As the name implies, it also serves as an art gallery, and has some some stuff to sell.
If you’re in Gardenstown, I recommend a couple of short walks – one to Crovie, and the other one along the beach and then up the path to the remains of St John’s church, from where the view is stunning.

New Ground Cafe, Gardenstown
New Ground
Gardenstown Aberdeenshire AB45 3YU
United Kingdom

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  1. This is on the northeast
    This is on the northeast coast of Scotland, not far from Inverness, for those who do not recognise Gardenstown.