Odin’s Table, Nottingham, Scandinavian !!

Odin’s Table, 97b High Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2LH
So, so much better than Ikea’s in-house food ! Yes, Scandinavian meatballs really can be that tasty and filling. I don’t know if ‘veggieballs’ is a word, but there were vegetarian options when my wife and I visited. It is small, completely free of music, but being small and having hard surfaces those with hearing disabilities might find the sounds of others a little harsh. As well as mains, afters and drinks, there was also a small slection of foods to buy, eg muesli, plus books (in Scandinavian languages) and a board game.
Even though it is on the High Street, visitors to Beeston need to know this is in the pedestrianised bit, so park in Sainsbury’s (usual disclaimer) and walk.
Highly recommended for the sheer novelty, as well as the lack of music !

Odin’s Table, Nottingham, Scandinavian !!
High Road
Nottingham NG9 2LH
United Kingdom