Scottish National Gallery – Garden Café

There are two cafés off the foyer of the National Gallery of Scotland. The larger of the two, the Scottish Café and Restaurant, does play piped music. However, there is a smaller one called the Garden Café (situated in the Gardens entrance) which is musac-free. The coffee is good and they have a variety of cakes and pastries. If you are lucky, you can get a table with a pleasant view of Princes Street Gardens

Open daily, 10am-5pm (6pm for August only). Thursdays until 7pm

Scottish National Gallery – Garden Café
The Mound
Edinburgh EH2 2EL
United Kingdom

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  1. Scottish National Gallery cafe
    If the weather’s not too cold you can sit outside above Princes St Gardens – best in the morning before the sun has gone round and the tables are shadowed by the Gallery.