The Hollybush Inn, Ayrshire

The place was really busy, with one or two effusive patrons, but the carpeted floors, small windows, and rough-hewn stone walls hung with various works of art, resulted in what in a modern city metal and glass venue would be excruciating being more than tolerable, actually pleasant. There were TV screens showing BBC news, but no audio.

I have postponed this review so long that I cannot honestly recall the menu nor what we ate, but we are fussy vegetarians and we went away sated so I think you can expect to be well-fed.

The Hollybush Inn is just north of the village of Hollybush, on the A713. In the parking area is a map of a nearby walk down to the River Doon.

The Hollybush Inn, Ayrshire
Hollybush KA6 6EY
United Kingdom