The Vintage / 1940’s Tea Room, Nottingham

The Vintage Tea Room / The 1940’s Tea Room, Wollaton Rd, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2NR
This *does* have music, but a) it is appropriate to the era, b) it is quiet, c) let’s face it one probably has to really hate music to not like Glen Miller and Vera Lynn. You can still hear your companions while eating. This is an ‘immersive’ experience: when my wife and I went, the staff were all dressed appropriately. The food is good, old-fashioned English ‘stodge’ and is *very* filling. I can not remember if there was a vegetarian option. Best have a long walk before and after ! A short walk away down a side road is a vintage clothes shop run by the same people, but we have not been in to that bit.
Park in Sainbury’s (usual disclaimer) and walk as it’s on a major road, double yellow lines everywhere.
Definitely different and well worth supporting.
I’ve had to put “muzac free in some areas” when it isn’t, it’s muzac everywhere, but as I said, it’s era-appropriate and easy on the ear. This highly-sensitive, muzac-hating Autistic coped for over an hour.

The Vintage / 1940’s Tea Room, Nottingham
Wollaton Road
Nottingham NG9 2NR
United Kingdom