Tilly’s of Tewkesbury

In Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire,  I discovered  a delightful,
extremely friendly,
perfectly located, tea room with
delicious fare: Tilly’s.
>I best love sitting out front at one of the two little tables.   Being on the south side of the Street, it’s in the shade most of the time, which is perfect on warm summer days.
>The servers are extremely friendly and welcoming.  With no piped music, of course, all detected sound  is only the quiet chat of other patrons.
>Tilly’s, at 83 Barton Street, is located at The Cross (being the main [and virtually only] junction in the middle of this very pretty little town).  The Cross is where Barton street (=which enters from the  M5  and etc. points eastward) ‘juncts’  with High –High, being the main Street for the many little shops  in this altogether delightful town. Tewkesbury: distinguished by and known for  its stunningly Norman! parish church  which is Tewkesbury Abbey, for the famous eponymous Battle of 1471, for  its own little bit of the big River which is proudly called “the Mill Avon”, and for the labyrinth of pretty courtyards and alley ways  where are compressed most domestic  premises in the center. 
In 1978 Tewkesbury was one of Alec Clifton  Taylor’s favorite “Six English Towns”.
>As for the fare, everything is baked in the kitchen at the  back.  My fav. eat is one of  Tilly’s scones — plain/fruit/cheese — which is the highest, fluffiest, scone I’ve ever seen. Their scones   are always served warm (and warmed in the proper oven that’s always going:  so as to be crispy and toasty  –not soggy as would be out of a microwave).  The scone comes with a big blob of butter in a ramekin; ditto, a big blob is jam in another ramekin.
An other favorite thing I’ve had there, with a pot of tea,  is Welsh Rarebit.  Yum.
I’ve never tried one of their cakes; but they’re all on show and  look ab. scrummy.
(The immaculate and spacious lavatory is on the ground floor.)
(Park right there in Barton Street if you can find space along the kerb.)
I defy any one  not to love Tilly’s of Tewkesbury
@ 83 Barton Street, GL20 5PY;
telephone 01684 275068;
p.s.  But don’t dream of being in the town for a Tilly tea  without walking around a bit: not to be missed is the calm and ever-welcoming Abbey and its church yard with the most wonderful trees.  p.p.s. Dogs are welcomed in Tewkesbury Abbey church.  In fact, the whole town is very dog-friendly.  
yours,  for a Musak-free Future,
Mrs. Renée Young, your long.time member  here in Wolverhampton
Tilly’s  card
Tilly’s of Tewkesbury
83 Barton Street
Tewkesbury Gloucestershire GL20 5PY
United Kingdom