Zedel’s Brasserie

Buried deep under Piccadilly Circus, this was once the Atlantic Bar (among other incarnations). Now it is a remarkably successful attempt to recreate a French brasserie with a resplendent 1920s decor – huge gilded marbles pillars, mirrors and other aspects of elegant splendour.
The food is unapologetically French and there are good value fixed price menus. The wine list is interestingly French too and the service friendly and efficient.
Warning: there is LOUD music in the brasher bars, and very gentle music in the charming little bar by the entrance. Also, but only at well-advertised times, there is a cabaret with live music, usually after 10.30pm, and, as the volume of conversation builds up during the evening, it can become hard to hear your neighbours. But there is no piped music in the main restaurant at any time.

(almost under Piccadilly Circus)
020 7734 4888
Open 11.30am to midnight (11pm Sunday)
Zedel’s Brasserie
20 Sherwood Street
London W1F 7ED
United Kingdom